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See Pats Run

The New England Patriots faced the Denver Broncos this weekend in a game that was hyped as a battle between two future Hall of Famers and a renewing rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. While that sounds good and helps sell stories, the reality was that the Patriots dominated this game on the ground and have suddenly and impressively found a running game on their way to a 31-21 beating of the Bronc ...

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Time to Panic?

Week 4 is a noted turning point for many NFL teams as they look to close out the first quarter of the NFL Season. All of the talk in the media and through the fans has been focused on the the Refs and the replacement situation, however there are a handful of teams that have gotten off to slow starts. Is it time for these slow starters to start to panic? Is there an increased sense of urgency for those looki ...

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Patriots: Meet The 2012 Draft Class

ROUND 1: Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse Jones is exactly what Patriots fans have been asking for over the past three years: a pass rusher. Thanks to mixed-martial arts training with his brother Jon, a UFC champion, Jones’ hands are fast and he plays physical. New England has had its share of troubles getting to quarterbacks, which makes an average secondary look worse because it is asked to cover for so long. ...

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HOTD: Nate Clements Destroys Tom Brady

Nowadays if you hit Tom Brady like this you would get fined a working mans salary for the year. Nowadays you would see a seas of yellow flags being thrown. But big props to Nate Clements for bringing the thunder like they did back in the day. Props to Tom Brady for getting up too and gracefully acting like he didn't have to go find his helmet. ...

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