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Bengals: Meet the 2012 Draft Class

ROUND 1: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama With the Bengals needing a young corner and a shutdown guy since Johnathan Joseph departed, they needed to grab the last of the three corners worthy of first-round selection. He has been called by some scouts the prototype shutdown corner. Kirkpatrick was rarely tested in coverage last season and was inconsistent at times. But he's physical and plays aggressive. On a te ...

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Chad OchoCinco gets Jacked up by Brian Russell

By Gayle Saunders Follow Him on Twitter There isn't a player in the NFL today as vocal as Chad Ochocinco. For the most part his play has backed up his talk, but he has taken his fair share of brutal knockouts. Chad wasn't dancing with the stars, but he was seeing them after getting ear-holed by the Browns' secondary. ...

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